Syed Hassan Iftikhar
Syed Hassan Iftikhar


I am a student and online freelancer and currently running this BeechBlog. Almost the same as google I would love to say "Our mission is to organize the information and make it universally accessible and useful." Now, I am handling my first-time experience with the BeechBlog. I cannot say with 100% confidence where I see myself in five years or what my big career goal is. The world is changing rapidly, and I don’t have enough professional experience to be certain about that. However, I know that I can provide a fresh take and an extraordinary approach to every project.

Syed Qasim
Syed Muhammad Qasim


Currently working as a Freelancer and working on several projects such as BeechBlog as a content writer with my passion and I am always interested in a challenge to learn new skills with my extraordinary approach and aptitude. I’m currently striving for is to make this blog useful in a way that people start loving to read. We collect news and information from different sources and gather it in a way to make it more presentable and easy to understand for our people.