Firdous Ashiq Awan, the Special Assistant to Punjab CM (Chief Minister) Usman Buzdar on data and culture, went on an outing to a Sialkot market on Sunday and reviewed the quality of products being sold there. At the point when she tracked down that the fresh fruits there were not up to the standards, she lambasted Assistant Commissioner Sonia Sadaf at a slow down in a genuinely uncivil showcase of inappropriate hostility and acting skill.

A video of the occurrence circulated around the web via social media, in which Awan can be seen shouting at and yelling at the Assistant Commissioner (AC) openly, for “low quality of food”. She went on mercilessly until AC Sadaf walked off. Sadaf attempted to account for herself yet couldn’t have a chance to speak during Awan’s short of breath bluster.

AC Sadaf attempted to clarify that the fruits had gone bad because of the heat and that was a matter the two might have talked about politely, however, Awan wasn’t having any of it, and Sadaf at last needed to leave to end the outburst. During her tirade, Awan even said “Who is the shameless person [baighairat] who chosen and posted you here? I will talk with him.”

Chief Secretary Jawad Rafique Malik told the media that he had effectively spoken with the CM on the matter.

Awan’s as yet a hotly debated issue on Twitter and has been exposed to much examination via social media as the video turned into a viral sensation. Individuals believe her behavior was disrespectful, ridiculous, entitled, and savage and we agree.

She was unnecessarily insulting and individuals weren’t having it.

“Where were you when I reached there?” Awan had requested the Assistant Commissioner (AC) in a not exactly inviting tone. “Since there was an extraordinary rush of individuals, I was unable to make it to the first line to get you,” the Assistant Commissioner (AC) answered yet that didn’t satisfy Awan.

“Have you come from the heavens? Is your life more valuable [due to Covid] than that of those present here?” she demanded.

We would tell you this is messed up on such countless levels, however, this tweet does that too well, sharing an account from the hour of ex-PM Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

This is a significant exercise for our politicians— government workers are workers of the law.

People believe a statement of regret is in order.

However, from a more cool-minded and objective spot, this tweet does a reasonable analysis of the situation.

More individuals repeated this idea. They felt the special assistant had the privilege and the position to criticize, however her strategies were disrespectful.

If one somehow managed to think about the circumstance from the situation of the Assistant Commissioner (AC) and other bureaucrats, here’s another examination:

The Assistant Commissioner AC’s supporters came to contend that the assessment being spread against her isn’t right.

They were also there to respond to Awan’s question.

A few Pakistanis thought images were the most ideal approach to address the matter. We agree.

It doesn’t make any difference if what Awan said was genuine when her conveyance was so poor. The manner in which she tended to, addressed, and accused the Assistant Commissioner was not common or even satisfactory. Government employees and political leaders need to cooperate for a superior Pakistan, and that remembers saving governing rules for one another, however, there must be a preferred method to do it over a shouting match in front of a crowd of curious onlookers.

To Firdous Ashiq Awan, we say this: say whatever you need to say, yet adding abuses to spice up your speech isn’t the best approach to make people respect you. On the off chance that you need to shout and yell to come to your meaningful conclusion, your point isn’t solid in any case.

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