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How to Add Widgets to Your iPhone’s Home Screen | iOS fourteen
Recently, Apple introduced the all-new iOS fourteen which is presently the new topic amongst iPhone users. Apple has accessorial all types of new options in iOS fourteen. However, the foremost important modification that’s creating heaps of buzz on social media is that the new ‘widgets’ feature. With this software system update, Apple has introduced widgets that area unit quite dynamic and might be placed anyplace on your home screen. This text is all regarding the way to add widgets to your iPhone’s home screen. Read on!

How to Add Widgets to Your iPhone’s Home Screen

How to Add Widgets to iPhone Home Screen
To begin with, here’s however you’ll be able to add existing widgets to your iPhone’s home screen.

Touch and hold any empty space on your home screen till app icons begin to jiggle.
You will see the sign at the top-right of your screen. Tap on it.
How to Add Widgets to Your iPhone’s Home Screen

Select the appliance you would like to feature.
After that, choose its size and form by scrolling left and right.
Once designated, the faucet on “add widget”.
How to Add Widgets to Your iPhone’s Home Screen

Now move the appliance anyplace you would like it.
Finally, faucet anyplace on the house screen to urge out of the edit mode.
Creating good Stack
Apple has additionally accessorial the new good stack feature in iOS fourteen that may mechanically opt for that appliance ought to get on prime, betting on user location and also the apps he/she uses often. iOS fourteen comes with a pre-built good stack that contains a gaggle of designated apps. you’ll be able to add these good stacks constant means you add the widgets.

Long press any empty space of your home screen.
ios 14

Tap the sign then scrolls down till you see the “smart stack” choice. Tap on it.
smart stack

Now opt for the form you would like.
Once you’ve got designated it, the faucet on “add widget”.
adding appliance stack

You can place the fresh created good stack anyplace you would like on your home screen.
Once you’ve accessorial it, you’ll be able to modification the order or take away the apps enclosed within the stack. Following area unit the directions to edit “smart stack”.

Tap and hold the appliance stack then the faucet edit stack.
Now hold the “grid icon” to reorder the widgets.
smart stacks

Note: to get rid of any app from the stack, swipe it to the left.

You can additionally activate the “smart rotate” choice if you would like iOS to point out the relevant widgets throughout the day.
Creating Your Own appliance Stack
In iOS 14, users have added the choice of making their own appliance stack that permits them to avoid wasting area on the house screen and additionally add the often used widgets within the stack. Here’s the way to produce it.

Tap and hold any appliance till it starts to jiggle.
Now drag that appliance on the prime of another appliance.
You can gather ten widgets.
Once all the widgets are accessorial, the faucet on “done”.
Note: each of the widgets ought to have a constant size and form. you can not place a small-size appliance over the medium-sized one.

You can move this appliance stack anyplace you would like through constantly said method. you’ll be able to additionally use apps like shortcuts and appliance smith to form tailored widgets.

Well, guys there you’ve got it! this is often however you’ll be able to add widgets to your iPhone’s home screen. If you’ve got any queries bearing on the subject then allow us to understand within the comments and keep following this area for a lot of guides.

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