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Long before Coke Studio made Atif Aslam a solo title for himself or indeed Bollywood and Hollywood made him a household name within the music industry, Atif Aslam was a talented young artist who begun off his musical career like each other unknown performer does, ‘creating a college band together with your classmates.’

Atif Aslam first came into the spotlight when he released the hit track Aadat, together with the band Jal, afterward included on his solo debut album ‘Jal Pari.’

His claim to fame did not just halt with his debut collection and his consequent sophomore collection, Doorie released in 2006 and 2008 hit collection, Meri Kahani. Including to that was his appearances in Coke Studio, his different songs that have featured in not only Pakistani movies but moreover in Bollywood movies, have all added to his exceptionally wonderful singing career.

1. Song – Aadat

Album – Jal Pari

Released – 2005

When Aadat was released and Atif Aslam was still a part of Jal, it was all anyone might talk about. Indeed after his takeoff from the band and the subsequent re-release of the song, this track to date, remains one of the tracks that’s still thought back by all!

2. Song – Woh Lamhe

Movie – Zeher

Released – 2005

Back when Atif Aslam was building up himself as a solo title within the music industry, his song Woh Lamhe, took the Pakistani and Indian music industry by storm when this tune was released as a part of the soundtrack of the film Zeher. So much was the hype of the song that it went on to be nominated for four awards at the Filmfare and IIFA and the Zee Cine Awards.

3. Song – Bheegi Yaadein

Album – Jal Pari

Released – 2004

To this day, Jal Pari remains one of Atif Aslam’s most successful collections. Bheegi Yaadien in spite of not being featured in any motion picture still remains one of his most popular songs alongside Aadat and Woh Lamhe.

4. Song – Kuch Is Tarah

Album – Doorie

Released – 2006

With a hit debut collection beneath his belt, there was no stopping the power artist. Atif Aslam’s second record, Doorie, set up him more of a hit with songs such as Kuch Is Tarah that went on to be featured in a Bollywood film after its release.

5. Song – Doorie

Album – Doorie

Released – 2006

The title track from Atif Aslam’s sophomore collection, Doorie after a long time of being released, still remains one of his more lyrically solid songs out there.

6. Song – Hum Kis Gali

Album – Doorie

Released – 2005

Hum Kis Gali, further cemented Atif Aslam’s credibility within the music industry- with catchy lyrics and a fun video, the song turned out to be another hit from the Aadat and Woh Lamhey powerhouse vocalist.

7. Song – Hona Tha Pyar

Movie – Bol

Released – 2011

Shoaib Mansoor’s Bol got to be a hit for all the correct reasons! With a stellar cast and a story that resisted the chances, it had all the fixings for an amazing flick. What was even better was the collaboration of Atif Aslam and Hadiqa Kiani for ‘Hona Tha Pyar’ that went on to win and get assigned for a few grants at the LUX Fashion Grants and the Pakistan Media Awards.

8. Dil Kare

Movie – Ho Mann Jahan

Released – 2015

Despite having a clichéd story, Ho Mann Jahan’s soundtracks can be credited as a few of the most excellent tracks ever. Atif Aslam’s Dil Kare became an instant hit, adding to the film’s already star-powered cast and catchy tunes.

9. Song – Mori Araj Suno

Movie – The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Released – 2013

Based on Mohsin Hamid’s book of the same title, The Reluctant Fundamentalist’s soundtrack struck right within the feels, comprising of both Eastern and Western artists. Atif Aslam’s Mori Araj Suno, combined with a powerful montage amid the movie, set the tone for one of the foremost amazing tracks.

10. Song – Tajdar-E-Haram

Album: Coke Studio Season 8, Episode 1

Released: 2015

Initially performed by the Sabri brothers, Atif Aslam’s profound version of Tajdar-e-Haram in Coke Studio 8 made waves as soon because it was aired, becoming one of the foremost seen songs of Coke Studio.

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